20. The Tool is a Continued of the Master’s Hand

Again, we see the grandpa sitting under his favorite walnut. The cutter is in his hands. The Cutter implements the ideas of grandfather…
A convergence between grandfather, Tree and the Cutter began in his early years. Time has not weakened their friendship…
— I look at Your work, and desire to try inflames in me . Maybe you will let me to experience myself in this matter?
— Wait a minute, I’ll bring you a cutter.
Grandpa walked to the barn- workshop and returned with a kitchen knife, rusty and ancient.
— Take, do yourself a cutter and try as much as you want..
- I thought you will give me the prepared tool.
— Maybe I should also cut for you? No, son, the Master preparing a Tool himself.
— But I’m not a Master yet!
— Why did you come to me? To study or to juggle? Continue reading

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19. The disciple and the Master

- Grandpa, what is the difference between a disciple and a Master?

- The difference between the Necessary and the Initiative. The student is not eligible to set the price of its activities, the Master is obliged to do it.

- Why is it so?

- Because the Student does not know exactly how his work will end, the Master also knows it. The student always has risk to damage; the Master will not hurt you, if he follows the Law.

- Can the Student fulfill the law?

- Student, following the Law is not the Disciple, he is the Master.

- How to determine that the Student has become the Master? Continue reading

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18. The power is in the Grain

Grandpa sat under his favorite nut tree in the garden. Before him on the table an apple lay. Seeing the apple, the student realized that grandfather had prepared another “indicative” lesson.

- Hello, grandfather. As I understand, today, “Apple” lesson are waiting for me?

- Tell me, what is most useful in your Apple? Continue reading

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17. Alone with a Spring

- I’m surprised, grandfather. You so sturdy, that I with You not equal, even though I’m younger. We have already passed twenty miles, and You don’t have a hint of fatigue.

- Be quite and perceive the surrounding world, then don’t get tired and you… Although fatigue is exactly what you now need most!

- Is it far? Continue reading

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16. In The Kingdom Of Hypericum

On the way, the envelope of the lake from the forests, are two travelers. Yes, familiar grandfather and a student, grandfather student.
- Today you’ll have to learn the rules exploring the World of Plants. So we are now in search of a King, who we will tell us…
- King? Continue reading

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15. Сamel’s-thorn

On the edge of the village is a big hill, from which many kilometers view of the entire neighborhood. The hill on which the young man learned to open up the Wind and got acquainted with the Earth. On the hill now they are together: the teacher and Healer.
What do they do there? Let’s listen? Continue reading

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14. Almighty Diffusion

Grandfather is sitting at a table under a nut tree. There are two empty glasses and empty half-liter bank.

- Hello, grandfather! Someone was visiting you?

- Are you judging by the crockery? Then you are mistaken. Today I will start to introduce you the “course” of healing, that you have waited so long.

Grandpa took the empty jar and held it out to the student. Continue reading

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13. Across The Field, Over Meadow…

July forest. Along the forest path the old man and the student are walking and a lively talking . Where are they going? What their conversation about?

- I offered you to walk with me through the surrounding woods in order to reveal another secret of accumulation of Forces. Earth – another Defender, whom you ought to know. Walking on the Earth – we are taking her Force.

- Any movement gives strength? Continue reading

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12- The Attracting Sky

On the shores of a lake fire is burning. Our young friend are lying on the jacket, with his hands behind his head and are watching in the clear starry sky. Grandpa supports the fire, throwing sticks.

- When I look at the starry sky, I am feeling, like I became broader and more, than is actually. Something like a surfacing from the water after a long being in it.

- A good comparison.

- As the soul is pulled to the stars.

- Neptune wants you to steal.

- The planet?

- Yes. This is his quality. It attracts those that gives you a sense of dissolution, “Nirvana”, as they say now.

- With the stars is also possible to get acquainted and make friends?

- Yes, it is.

- The technique is the same as with the Sun?

- The same, only you should be more careful. Heaven can easily get you away from the Earth, and then there is nothing you will be able to make in your life.

- What do you mean “get away from the Earth”?

- You will become a fanatic, and all in the earth will be to small for you. Will “enhanced”, and you’ll fly high… But have to fall low…

- Why is this happening?

- When you do what particularly fond of, you increase Strength. But excessiveness disable Force out of control; power is there, and manage impossible! This is a problem! Not you rule by Force, bur it is ruled by you.

- Is “selling the soul to the devil”?

- Because it is. In blind pursuit for Force people change their “soul” to “services” and this gives themself in voluntary slavery.

- How does this relate to the stars in the sky?

- The power of the Stars is one of the most subtle. It is invisible, “enveloping” you slowly but surely. If you do not know how the network works, you cannot get out as quickly as want.

- And who was a slave of such forces?

- Great Rulers – Peacemakers and Great tyrants in the history.

- You put all of them in a row?

- Everything in the world is in the same row. Everything in the world is Force.

- And what is the “Force”? You always talk about it, but did not explain what you mean by the term.

- Yes. Force is the concept of force is the supply of energy. Anyone who have a stock of more, he is called the stronger who least – that is less strong or weak. But here is the paradox! Capiche?

- Remember Your words: “the Power of a woman is in her weakness.” Here?

- Correctly noticed, though you refrained from asking. Right?

- It is true. I didn’t ask, though not understood the meaning of the statement.

- Assess the degree of effect by one parameter, so there is a paradox. When you someone is hurt, during “offensive” you seem to be stronger. But later, after some time, naughty schoolchildren will throw you a chicken eggs from a balcony. Is there between these points the link?

- Probably, there, if You ask.

- Yes, there is. The fact that you felt the force, reacted against you. Who won? Of course, not you! Whom you have offended. Understand?

- And how is it he won?

- He has punished you by no-act. Resentment is one of the types of unconscious not-doings. Resentment is a powerful and dangerous weapons! And very unpredictable, but with all this – and the most fair.

-Does he know about it?

- The one who is offended, doesn’t know that his resentment is a weapon. As soon as he finds out, it becomes a weapon against him.

- What a mess!

- All this is much easier than you think. Sincerity is the Force of Arms. And the fact that hypocritically, intentionally, – will always hit the one who pulls the string of a bow aggression. Protection is not punishable. Attack is always punishable.

- In your opinion, the “weakness” as a concept can not be used?

How will you call those who persecuted force: slaves, poor, sick, cowardly?

- A beggar over time has a chance to become rich, each patient has a chance to recover, cowardly can become stronger, and then must suffer those who are restricted in the past. Where is the “winner”? The pendulum swings both ways, son!

- But at least some period of time they are weak?

“They are “in class”, are learning! They teaches of Life, punishing for “mistakes”. And the Executioners are those who are doomed…

To the executioner is worse,time will set him up for a Sacrifice. To the victim is better for the time will give her arms retribution. They circle in the round dance of Time until someone’t make it a good Lesson and will not stop punishing your Axe over the Victim.

- The initiative should be the Executioner?

- Yes. The neck is softer than the blade of the axe. The executioner able to throw aside the axe, to remove anger from your heart.

- Just as You were taught to behave under the pressure of” public transport passengers?

“Yes, son. The executioner, renounced the axe, no more of the executioner. It is by this gesture “washes away” their debts, and is cleared. The victim is also now not the victim. When you are removed from the mirror, deleted and your reflection. All conflicts can be solved this way: this is one of the sectors of Skill to Live…

- And all they have to join hands and go to celebrate its reconciliation.

Grandfather smiled, adopting humor young student.

- May, son, go to celebrate. And God forbid, that after this “procedure” the former Victim was hit by a former Executioner bottle on the head.

- Who is to blame? Is there any wine at all?

Have you chosen your mother?

- No.

And death, too, as not chose the birth.

There is no choice, when viewed holistically.

The choice is there, if you look at the details private.

- Duality!

- Words and phrases contradict each other, but truth is always in the middle. Between the lines. Truth – between day and night, between Heaven and Earth. She indescribable one…

She always BETWEEN!!!

Some are silent.

Others provide two opposing answers.

Such way wise Express the TRUTH.

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11- Inhale and Exhale a Smile

- I know, son, how you are looking forward to talk about the recipes used in the healing. Only everything has its own right time. No need to hurry.

- I understand it, grandpa which is why not more insist. Moreover, the subjects of our discussions are so interesting that I’m not sure what more I want to learn the ways of treatment, to comprehend the world of Knowledge, or just to be with you.

- To have the power is necessary. Without personal power cannot be no healing. There are so many books on the subject, isn’t it? Continue reading

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