What is unique about Massage

- We have already talked about the benefits of natural movements that promote fluid circulation in the body. This can be called natural circulation. But there is also forced circulation.
- Why is it needed? – You ask.
- I will say this: the natural circulation caused by ordinary movements, exercises or dances – supports our health. But, if we start to rub it (Health), we need forced circulation.
- What is it, you ask?
- I will answer. Diseases are mainly the result of stagnation in certain parts of our body. The accumulation of lactic acids, salts and waste products of microorganisms inside our tissues – this is it, the main cause of physical ailments and diseases.
- And what to do, you ask, to get rid of these stagnations?
- First of all, you need to understand that these stagnations cannot be removed with ordinary blood flow.
- And a medicine, an injection, a dropper, you ask?
- I’ll answer: it doesn’t really help … The drugs introduced into the blood create an effect only where there is an exchange with tissues. And where he is weak, difficult – nothing much will change …This is the reason for the inefficiency of today’s medicine. It’s just that today it’s impossible to clean those parts of the body where blood and lymph circulation are difficult to be recognized by official methods. In particular, these are bones, joints, adhesions after injuries and operations …
This is the misfortune of mankind …
But if you use massage as a forced circulation – then everything will be OK.
- Ask – why so?
- I will answer. When we massage tissue – we grind it formed on a boil of salts and other slags. We grind them, force grind! And when we do massage using natural special oils, then fatty acids help dissolve toxins in the intercellular space and bring them to the blood,
through the lymph channels. Then all this “yuck”, passing through the Liver and Kidneys, is filtered out and excreted from the body with bile and urine. As you can see, everything is simple…
- I do not understand to the end. Why it happens? Where is the more scientific explanation?
- Diffusion and the Law of the difference in pressure in the vessels. But let’s talk about this next time. This topic is not easy …

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