About the benefits of the Movement

- I look at the plot and record it on a smartphone: the horse grazes, picks weed …
Then a bird will sit on the horse’s back and will catch flies … Flies that fed on the horse’s blood…
A horse eats grass, flies bite a horse, a bird eats flies. Someone is eating someone … constantly. So much for the consumers of Life …
We absolutely need three main components: water, air and nutrients. Breathe, drink and eat.
The last time we talked about the contours: oxygen goes through the lungs, the circuit above the diaphragm. Nutrients – in the intestines, under the diaphragm. Water is in the blood; it binds them together.
Thus, oxygen, water and substances enter the cells through the blood-lymph flow, ensuring the life of the cells. But look: the horse is moving, the bird on its back is also constantly in motion. – Movement is needed for good blood and lymph circulation! So we have come to understand the chain with which we started the topic of Physiotherapy of the Future.
Air, Water and Nutrition – a trinity that ensures the life of cells within any living system!
Now let’s highlight three types of movement that we need to know in order to maintain our health.
Type one: The usual vital movement that supports our activities. They are on the Subconscious.
Type two: Special physical exercises, which are a conscious act of maintaining the mobility and plasticity of our body. Operated by the left brain.
Type Three: Creative movements driven by the right brain.
What are these movements? – Dance … yes, dance, as the highest form of movement, as the harmonization of physical movement with breathing and emotion …
- What useful things can we learn from this knowledge?
- To begin with, we should get away from the fuss, from unnecessary and unpleasant situations for us. And allocate more time for self-development.
- In the movements?
- To begin with, let’s try to be aware of our usual actions … It is not easy to do something, but to do it consciously … Feel yourself during these actions … This is the first task.
And the second task: to deliberately take a walk among the plants – to go to the forest, city park or courtyard of a country house …
Such movements will not only relieve fatigue, not only improve the circulation of fluids in the body, but also fill us with Inner strength.
And if we sometimes dance, then, to the existing pluses, we will get a bright Emotion and feel Happiness inside us.
Awareness of actions, walking on Nature, dance and positive Emotions – why not the Joy of Life!

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