Fear of Physiotherapy or Why a person chooses a pill

- Why, when health problems occur, do people prefer the pill?
- Because it is a quick relief from the feeling of illness. From
sensations of the disease, but not from the disease itself! The disease does not go anywhere …
- Why doesn’t leave?
- Disease is a consequence. The root cause is the tension of the brain, it is chaos and confusion in thinking. Then – emotions, mostly negative. And only then comes a physical ailment.
- So, in order to cure a physical illness, you need to pacify emotions and calm the brain?
- That’s right. And also have patience, be able to expect results …
- Expect?
- Yes. With Physiotherapy, the disease is not suppressed by rapid anesthesia, but is withdrawn into an acute form, and then recovery occurs.
Here is a man who manifests his ignorance through fear …
- Fear? Why fear?
- Turning to me with a back problem, after the first good session, an exacerbation may occur. This is normal for a knowledgeable, thinking person. But not normal for the ignorant … An intelligent person knows that for the disease to go away, it needs to be woken up and taken out of an ambush of a chronic form. And only then – to expel from the body.
The foolish one thinks that the doctor made him worse, and no longer comes to the Physiotherapist … And he runs to the Therapist for a magic pill. This is logical … 90% of people are pliable for mass advertising, and simply do not know that there is a path to Health, and not a path to Self-deception …

This is the reason why people are afraid of pain from exacerbation …
And you need:
1. Understanding that the chronic form must be translated into acute.
2. The acute form must be consistently and patiently “removed” from
organism. And this is time, labor and patience. And understanding.
3. You must also understand that there is a mental problem that has consistently led to physical illness. Accept it, do not doubt it. Knowing that doubt is a hindrance to success.
And then apply reverse therapy: find the positive in your negativity of the disease and establish yourself in this vision of the positive. And then the disease will recede. And then the arrival of Health will follow …
- I understand that I can’t convince those who don’t believe in
Physiotherapy. This is their choice. I appeal to those who prefer to think … It is easy for me to communicate with such people. And they are easy to heal. To help them affirm their Integrity and Self-Sufficiency.

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