Massage system of Sergey Grinevich

Today I will show you a massage system using natural oils, which I talked about in the last video.
So, the first step: evenly apply oil-balm on the back, after warming it a little in your hands.
It is important to evenly distribute the oil throughout the massaged area and allow the skin to begin to absorb it. Let the patient feel his penetration, his character and his potential.
Step Two. Warm the skin, knead the muscles and prepare them for the main process. Movements can be arbitrary. The task is to increase blood circulation in the tissues so that the oil-balm penetrates deeper into the tissues and reveals the location of problems, i.e. accumulation of slag.
Step Three: Begin to systematically work out the back.
Here you can observe the order, the sequence of study sites.
It is very important to follow this order!
For 9 years I “collected” this technique and, then, honed it for another 9 years,
perfected. And I have not changed it for 11 years. A total of 29 years of experience in healing people with massage using balsam oils.
And now pay attention to the appearance of red stripes and spots:
They, as you can see, are not evenly distributed. Because they arise only where there is stagnation and inflammation. Where there are none
- there will not be these rednesses. As it improves, it happens, already in the second or third session, the intensity of redness decreases. And this means that the tissues are cleansed and health gradually, session after session, returns to the body …
The more chronic the form of the disease, the longer and more difficult it is to fight it. And do not bother here: observe the intensity of redness. The balm and hands of the Master are doing their job!
(4.45) Here they are, places of problems.
(5.10) If you want to learn how to work on such a system, you can
review the video and try to massage your loved ones.
To purchase oil, write in private messages – and I will send it to you.
Of course, you can use other oils, yours or those that you buy in the store, but I am not responsible for their effect. I tell you about the action of only my balms. I’m only talking about what I’m sure of.
You can also apply for a master class- where I tell in more detail, dwell on the nuances. I teach you to work not only with the back, but also with other parts of the body and with internal organs. I will help you to put your hands up. I am pleased to share my experience, disclose best practices. I can tell and show many interesting things …
(6.20) The direction of circular motions in the kidney area is also important.
(6.40) The only way!
(6.50) Exits of nerves from the sacrum are also important: this is the health of the legs, rectum and pelvic organs.
7.10 – and at the end, as at the beginning – grinding.
7.20 – at the end – to tap the thoracic region well and, having applied
warm your working hand.
- I wish you success! And Be Healthy!

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