Three principles of physiotherapy

Three principles of physiotherapy,
that help us to improv the intercellular space:
1. The principle of diffusion
2. The principle of blood flow through the vessels
3. The principle of compliance zones
According to these principles, not only soft tissues are cleaned, but also
bones, joints, or any other parts of the body, organ systems.
Cleaning takes place due to the nature of diffusion. If we cleanse
for example, muscle, when we do massage – the blood accelerates and clears
muscle tissue massaged by us. But in joints, tendons and bones
“dirt” remains deep, we can’t easily get it. Practicing massage 2-3 times a week,
- it takes some time between sessions, – and
due to diffusion, “dirt” is drawn into this purified muscle tissue
adjacent tendons, joints and even bones. And with each massage we cleanse bones,
tissues or organ systems more and more: they become HEALTHY.
This is the first principle of Personal Physiotherapy – diffusion …
The second principle is the speed of blood flow through the vessels;
it comes from the field of physics, and explains why diffusion draws
toxins and how it is done.
It is this principle that shows why chemicals work
worse, less effective than massage.
If, for example, there is a “slagged” bone or organ, and there is a serious disease of
the bone marrow or other organ, this means that there the capillaries and
intercellular space are clogged with slag and there is no normal movement
of fluids and blood exchange. In this case, an intravenous injection
and chemical pills will be ineffective. Because this “chemistry” only moves
through the bloodstream, where there is a normal movement of fluids,
and makes an effect only there. But ignorant doctors will not tell you this,
but they will prescribe various pharmacological drugs, as a last resort.
Because for medicine “spoiled” by rationalism,
natural methods of physiotherapy are financially disadvantageous …
You are their client forever, they think so.
And you can get better from massage and not get sick anymore.
You feel good, they are financially unprofitable …
Now we will consider the mechanism of this action in practice:
When we massage healing oil-balms into the skin with a massage,
the blood accelerates and the tissue reddens. The large vessels of
a particular part of the body are made up of smaller veins and arteries.
An artery delivers blood to this area, and a vein catches it back.
Thus, the speed of blood movement increases from massage
in those places that are massaged, and where the active
cleansing of the intercellular space began under the influence of
oils – fatty acids.
If in the first zone of the body the blood speed is large, and in the second,
combining with the first, there are congestion jams, then due to an increase in speed
(the law of physics, pressure difference), where there is a high speed – there is less pressure.
And in that zone of the vessel where the pressure is less,
a vacuum is created that starts to “suck” stagnant plugs from those areas of the body
where there is no normal blood movement.
Under normal conditions, this will never happen from pills, drugs, injections !!!. Because
they all act only where there is normal pressure and the usual movement of blood.
And the “massage-oil stretching by vacuum” begins to cleanse primarily the bone and bone mar-row,
which is very important for the good functioning of the immune system (there will be detailed material about this).
And in exactly the same way the internal organs are purified.
For example, if we start massaging the zone of projection of the kidneys and disperse the blood there,
in this zone (Zakharinyi-Geda zone) blood moves faster and begins to increase the movement of blood in the kidney itself!
Examining this, I realized how important my Self-Discovery is to healing a person and his Per-sonal Physiotherapy.
It turned out to be so simple and logical … And for a long time I didn’t understand why no one saw it and didn’t see it …
Or it’s just not financially profitable for those who are greedy … But people are dying …
And you can save them, if you really use this mechanism,
the name of which I jokingly gave “Grinevich’s postulate.”
And the arteries and veins that are connected to the organ,
they are also connected to those arteries and veins that are suitable for the projection
of the zone of this organ in the human body.
So if we accelerate the movement with massage oils
blood in this separate zone of blood flow, then we automatically strengthen
in the internal organs themselves, which are combined by a common large artery and large vein.
This principle applies in all areas of projection of organs: liver, brain, ears, eyes, etc.
That is, without urgent urgent need, we do not need to operate, poison with chemistry and volun-tarily destroy our immune system.
For recovery, we can choose the path of Personal physiotherapy, in theory, relying on the action of the above Three Principles.
This is the Miracle of Healing, the Miracle of Healing, the basic principles of which you now know, my Dear Listeners …

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