Massage Wellness Roadmap

- You came for a massage to the Master, who applies
natural oil made from fresh medicinal flowers
- And if I want just a massage, without these oils?
- You can wash the dishes in the kitchen only with warm water, or
adding detergent to it. What to choose?
- I think it’s better with a detergent.
- So I think that massage with oil will be better.
*The patient lies down on the massage table, and the Master begins his work.
First, apply healing oil to the body, then sequentially and
systemically rubbing it into the skin.
- Each part of the body requires a special attitude and special
receptions. So I have my own rubbing system that I was looking for 9
years, and then 9 years, improved it on his patients. And already more
10 years using it as a template, as a Strategy.
- Is it effective? – You ask.
- Undoubtedly! – I responsible for my words.
This system helps me not only grind toxins in the intercellular
space, give them access to the Liver and Kidneys, but also remove
mental stress from the head and adjust the regulation mechanism.
- What kind of mechanism is this? – You ask.
- I will answer: this is the mechanism that regulates the whole of us
vital activity: this is neuro-humoral regulation. We will talk about this in more detail later, but for now it’s enough just to believe that this will happen.
- And will I be pleased with such a first massage? – You ask.
- I will answer: maybe yes, or maybe not.
The fact is that if you have chronic diseases, then after a good
the work of the Master, they will make themselves felt when waking up, and outraged
that they want to expel them from the body!
- Could it get worse?
- I will answer: no worse, no. But places of past problems the next day may
get hurt. This is normal. And not just normal, but even excellent!
So we know exactly where and what is problematic. And we can safely expel
illness from the body, conducting a second session, a third, etc.
- How often do you need to conduct sessions?
- If the problems sharply aggravated, you need to do this as often as possible.
If there are no problems, then enough once or twice a week.
- And until when?
- Until you begin to feel very good! ..
- How many sessions are needed for this, can you say?
-No way! Depends on how much dirt is hidden inside you.
It is hidden!
For example: we have two containers: 1 liter and 3 liters. In our hands is
sponge (conditionally – this is one session). Lower the sponge in a liter
capacity. For twenty dips, we emptied the bottle. So 20 sessions.
And in order to drain a three-liter bottle, you would have to wet a washcloth 60 times! BUT
this is already 60 sessions! Is the example clear?
- Clear.
- Therefore, I can’t say who will need how many sessions for
full recovery. The main thing is a person’s desire to improve their health! BUT
There will be exactly as many sessions as needed before full recovery.
- It can be long and tiring, you say.
- I will answer: There is no other way … Anesthesia with chemistry is not a solution. Want to
cheating yourself is your choice. Live the illusion. Want real
recovery – here you are offered the best method of physiotherapy -
special massage using unique healing oils, about which
the conversation will be further.
- I do not believe! – You say.
- Your right. As the Bible says: if you see how to help a person
- tell him about that. He listens – it’s good for him and you. Doesn’t listen -
he feels bad, but you have nothing to do with it. But if you knew and did not say, then you
you will be punished, and he will suffer … This is the law …
- Somehow tough, Grandfather, say …
- Such a time, My friend … Transition Epoch. Humanity is in crisis
transition, and it mows and will mow further a sore called SDS,
that is, Spiritual Deficiency Syndrome.
- “What is it?” – You ask
- “I’ll tell you next time.”

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