Age Transition Disease

- Depression, feeling unnecessary, increased fatigue,
irritability, loss of faith in people, and sometimes in yourself …
- What happened? Why is that?
- A terrible thing – SDS, Spiritual Deficiency Syndrome … Transition Disease Age.
We understand that any changes in situations in the Biosphere, in Socium and in
the climate is characterized by a weakening of the body’s defenses:
it takes a lot to survive the crisis. And as a result – ours
weakness and our dissatisfaction with life …
- And what to do, how to be saved? – you ask.
- My answer is: first you need to understand that this crisis is a consequence
unhealthy lifestyle, and on the physical plane – a weakening
impulses going from the head along the spine to the sacrum.
First, our brain is depleted by negative thoughts and problems, and how
consequence – it becomes weak, unable to give a clear signal on
back to internal organs. Plus osteochondrosis as a metabolic disorder
substances in the back and especially in the spine. That’s why our whole system
life activity is falling apart …
- What do we do, – you ask, – to restore it, this power in the back?
- I will answer: you need to remove toxins and congestion from the spinal column and from
tissues around it!
- How to do it?
- Here he is, our Savior: Back massage using natural
First: During the massage, we pull off excess tension from the head.
We feel calmer inside: we begin to see life more clearly and its
the nuances.
Second: We slag the fabrics on the back, especially around
the spine. These red stripes and reddened spots that you
you can observe during the massage – there are places of dislocation of diseases,
stagnant sluggish inflammatory processes. They hinder
the normal passage of nerve impulses to both the Organs and
Muscles …
Here’s a picture … We not only weaken the muscles from the patient
slagged back, but our internal organs also suffer:
liver, pancreas, kidneys, heart, lungs …
And when we release the movement of nerve impulses by massage – all over again
will begin to come to life, recover and this bad SDS will recede … And we
we will again find peace in the soul, clarity of thought in the head and mobility -
lightness in the body …
The hands of the Master and the wonderful Oil will do their good deed.
And then no social crisis and no climatic cataclysm will be scary for us …
- Where to get the Wonderful Oil, you ask?
- The answer will be in the next issue.
Watch the feed on the channel, and directly in the playlist
“Physiology of the Future. ”
Until next time, friends. 13.08.19

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