How to Prevent Tumor Development

-We humans are the complex community of Cells to be friends with.
- To be friends for what?
-In order for the Cells also be friends with us and not suit us
unpleasant surprises in the form of the formed Tumors.
- And how do we behave so that they do not make such surprises?
- It is necessary to provide them proper and decent intercellular space for their healthy function-ing.
- How to provide them with this healthy functioning?
- First of all: an unhindered and stable supply of nutrients substances and oxygen. Then: unhin-dered and stable breeding out products of their livelihoods.
- Unobstructed and stable …
- And this means fighting for the purity of lymph, for the purity of the intercellular
space, do constant body cleansing through physiotherapeutic procedures.
And to ensure the regulation of their growth and reproduction, so that earlier time they, the Cells, did not share and did not violate the integrity of our organism. Otherwise, there is a threat of their uncontrolled growth and breeding, that is the threat of Cancer
- And what about heredity?
- Not Cancer is transmitted by heredity, but the weakness of certain body systems. The cell is independent in its development, and does not suffer because of its internal flaws, but because of a violation of the general functioning of the body.
- How to warn Cancer?
- The question is not simple … First of all, you need to make friends with the Cells as
those, because they are the bricks of Life in the Universe … You need to know how
they are arranged and what they need for complete Happiness.
“And how are they arranged?” “And what do they need for complete Happiness?”
- I intend to tell you about this in my future reports …
Watch the following videos in the “Cell and Intercellular Playlist
Space”, listen and think …
The path is short, but worth it …

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