Natural oils “Grinevich Balm”

- Massage is wonderful. This is useful and pleasant, but if this massage is done
with natural oil, then this further enhances the effect. Starting in 1990, I use oils
for work. I make them from fresh flowers of wild medicinal plants.
- What is their special strength? – You ask.
My answer is:
First: I use wild medicinal plants, their flowers or inflorescences.
They grow in secluded corners of central Ukraine, so they have absorbed all the
strength and power of fertile black soil places. Due to this, they, specially
prepared by me, have a wonderful ability to influence our body with four levels of exposure.
Secondly: I have my own recipe for making, which I “heard” directly from them, herbs.
As it was, described in one of the chapters of the book “Secrets of a gray-haired healer.”
And thirdly: it is important which hands will rub them.
If the hands of a person with a soul, then the herbs will manifest themselves as efficiently as pos-sible.
If a person without love is in his heart, the oils will not be fully revealed and the effect will not be big …
So, my oils are from wild plants, using special manufacturing technology,
plus they love when they are rubbed by a person with a heart,
with a sympathy for the patient …
And more … Four levels of exposure to these oils. What are these levels?
The first level: trace elements, vitamins and saturated fatty acids, which are easily
absorbed by the skin and penetrate well into the intercellular space.
And already there, in the Intracellular Space (IS), acids dissolve deposits of slag,
and trace elements and vitamins participate in important metabolic processes.
Second level: magnetic field of oil. This is the force that can strengthen the protective
properties of the body by influencing the human magnetic field and stimulating its strengthening.
I will tell you exactly how this happens in the topic “Human nature”.
Third level: radiation that comes from oil.
This is quantum radiation, the energy of the sun, which acts like radon baths.
Small doses of such radiation help to cinder the deposits accumulated in the bones and periosteum.
And this improves their functioning and optimizes the functioning of the immune system.
After all, primary lymphocytes, the basis of cellular and humoral immunity,
are formed precisely in the bones, in the bone marrow.
About it as well, over time, I will tell in more detail.
Fourth level of exposure: this is a special phylogenetic force.
What is it?
If you are not aware of quantum physics, then I’ll say simply: such a force is able to influence
the Cell at the genetic level, i.e. in our simple version – to repair
disorders in the cell nucleus and to positively influence tissue regeneration.
This means, to put it simply and clearly:
such oil is able to rejuvenate cells, revive tissues and help restore
those body functions that, at first glance, are already irretrievably lost.
A miracle, you say, isn’t it?
You can laugh and not believe it. And you can pick up this balm and try …
From the ninetieth year to this day, it has not failed me or my patients …
I and my followers do not use other oils …
Who wants to try their effect on themselves – write, contact.
In general, I said about Oils.
And next time I’ll talk about the principle of rubbing these balsam oils,
and show in the next video how this is done in practice.
Thanks friends. Until we meet again.

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