Why massage should be started from the back?

We have such a “unit” called the autonomic nervous system.
And it, our autonomic nervous system, works independently of our brain, regardless of our con-sciousness.
All our sensitivity and responses to nerve impulses are controlled by consciousness.
But, as experiments have shown, in the body
there are many physiological processes that are completely beyond the control of consciousness and are regulated exclusively by the autonomic nervous system!
These are all types of metabolic processes, absorption and excretion, secretion, permeability of cell membranes, cardiovascular regulation and much much more.
To put it simply, but a little rudely, it will be like this: if you separate your head from the body, then, provided that there is support for the supply of food and air to the body, lungs and stomach, it will continue to function normally.
Therefore, all of us, in order to maintain stable health, must first of all provide him with this streamlined and independent activity from our consciousness.
And for this we have a wonderful remedy – back massage, from which we should start healing for any violations in our health!

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