What is Psoriasis and how to get rid of it

- We all know what mistletoe is. This is a parasitic plant that feeds on the sap of trees and gradu-ally kills them, taking away the sap.
In the same way, Psoriasis takes away the strength of the human body and gradually leads to premature aging.
Why did I cite mistletoe as an example?
Because it is essentially similar to Psoriasis. It also has its superficial manifestation in ugly un-healthy plaques,
and its roots go deep into the tissues: and not only in the soft tissues clings to the body, but even gets its roots to the periosteum …
Such a bad thing …
We should know that Psoriasis eats various alien proteins.
And here is the important thing: it cannot exist on our body if
the intercellular tissue of our body will be healthy, clean and will not carry foreign proteins in itself!
A healthy intercellular space should be free of foreign proteins !!!
But where do they, these alien proteins, come from in our intercellular space?
From the blood … And they enter the blood when our Liver does not cope with its main task:
to disassemble all foreign proteins into amino acids: the liver cells – hepatocytes must do this!
They are called upon by their entire colony to disassemble alien proteins that come into the body with food,
alien proteins and prevent their free walking around the expanses of our Body.
Otherwise, multiple allergic reactions,
bronchial asthma and psoriasis …
What to do to get rid of these problems, in particular, from psoriasis?
The path is short, but true:
The first is to ensure the healing of the liver.
The second is to ensure the cleansing of the intercellular space from toxins for the removal of foreign proteins
from the cells and roots of Psoriasis; do not give them food.
Third, remove plaques from the surface of the Body.
There is an excellent remedy for removing plaques – St. John’s wort oil,
celandine and immortelle. To clean the intercellular space -
massage using the same natural oils.
Cleansing the Liver – there are many ways, but I use an elementary and simple one – massage the projection of the Liver with the same natural oils,
followed by warming with my hand to stimulate the release of stagnant bile. About these meth-ods of healing, the conversation is ahead.
Soon I will also show you exactly how to rub the lesions with Psoriasis.

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