Future Physiotherapy

Why physiotherapy?

- Medicine is divided into two areas: ambulance and physiotherapy. Ambulance is a surgery and chemicals, needed to provide immediate assistance. Normally, the share of this engineering medicine should be 10% of the total. And 90% should be occupied by physiotherapy, actually recovery.
But today, the world is just the opposite: engineering medicine supplanted physical therapy. And, as a result, a terrible state of health among the people of today.
Therefore, it is necessary to resurrect the knowledge about the Man, to practice physiotherapy. Otherwise … we are moving towards extinction … Or else towards a rebirth through the comprehension of the future Physiotherapy!
Why prefix “future”?
- Because such physiology is based on the knowledge of the Unified Theory of Field.
What is the Unified Field Theory?
- This is a knowledge of how the universe functions …
How does the universe work?
- Alternation of the World and the Antiworld … Kinetic and Potential Energy. Earth and Sky … Ripple …
What is the alternation of World and Antiworld?
- It is a shower, for instance.
The man entered the shower and closed the door behind him. The man turned out to be in the World, in a closed, conditional space for him. All that behind the cabin is Antiworld, another dimension.
- Got it. I am in the shower; I am in the World. Behind the cab – Antiworld. And how to understand “alternation”?
- The man opened the tap and Water poured on him. Poured out of Watering can. Watering can – the source of water flows. Like a Star, the Sun is the source of Protons. This is the beginning of the World. And we – living beings – in the flow of protons, as you – in the flow of water. And Water flows into the pan, then runs off into the hole Plum. The drain hole is the Black Hole in the Universe, where solid bodies formed earlier from Protons are drawn again…
- Aha! Watering can – Star, Plum – Hole!
- The beginning and end of the World … But does this end exist? – We trace the movement of water. We no longer see it, it went to Drain, to Antiworld.
- Truly unique! I never think about where the water goes! And it goes her own way, invisible to us, further …
- Yes. Water passed to Antiworld … Water piped into the sewer through the sewage pipes. From there – part of it will evaporate into the sky, and some will leak into the ground or merge into the river … From the soil – into the layers of the cavity, into the underground lakes. And the one that has evaporated forms clouds, and then also falls on the ground and seeps into the lakes … From the underground vaults, it will be lifted up again by pumps to the top, and … it will pour on your head from the Watering can shower … Here is the alternation of the World and the Antiworld … This is a manifestation of the Form and the Noosphere.
What’s this Noosphere?
- In our example, it is Water. Its “flowing” in the Universe, the pulsating Universe. In a more precise explanation, these are protons, energy, which then comes from the star-suns, then absorbed by the nuclei of the planets or black holes … All information are In the Protons and in the Water, about everything … About all …
Then who is a Man?
- This is the one who bathes in Water … And who sees the World with his right eye and feels the World with his left eye …
Does the right eye see?
- The right eye is connected to the left hemisphere of the Brain. This is ontogenesis, the individual development of the organism. Like the memory of a smartphone, where our photos, text, audio files are loaded …
Does the left eye feel?
- The left eye is connected to the right hemisphere of the Brain. This is phylogenesis, the historical development of the organism. Just like using a smartphone, you can go to Google and read any information that is uploaded to world servers …
What is the difference between the hemispheres of the brain?
- The right hemisphere is a connection with the Antiworld, the Noosphere, the Family Tree. As the story of the Water that falls on us from the Watering can and again goes to the Funnel … The left hemisphere of the Brain is our personal life, this is our washing with Water in the shower …
How to develop a connection with the Noosphere?
- The right hemisphere of the Brain develops with a vision of images, training of the imagination. More of this infirmation are in the Distance School of Self-Sufficiency on our website.
How to develop the left hemisphere of the Brain?
- Personality, Character, Self-Sufficiency. Reaching the goal. Read more at our Distance School.
Why do they need to be developed?
- To achieve expediency. To the left and right hemispheres were in agreement, in harmony. Feasibility…
How to achieve harmony of the cerebral hemispheres?
- Remove tension from the Brain … And tension is an emotion. Emotion is the power of tension. That is, if the Goal is not consistent with the Image. What does it mean: Ontogenesis argues with Phylogenesis. When our Ego contradicts what the Family Tree calls us to, our Path and our Meaning, our Task … In this dispute, we lose ourselves, we become destroyers of our own Path … And to find ourselves, to calm the conflict of the hemispheres, we have an exercise in our School called “Reverse Therapy”.
What is the reverse therapy?
- This ability to “seemingly” minuses translate into pluses … To see and understand the reason for the stress of the brain, the violent emotions that have arisen. If the left hemisphere we find an explanation for the events that came from the Noosphere through the right hemisphere, then the tension will subside … And there will be peace, Harmony … Indeed, in Nature everything tends to peace … Harmony …
Why do we need peace of emotions?
- That the body was healthy! That could catch the task from the Noosphere. We need purity of fluids in our body … And in the Brain, and in the Eyes, and in the Joints, and in the Intercellular Space, and within all of our Cells …
What does cleanliness of liquids mean?
- The aquatic environment of the body: The brain reads the Noosphere as a whole;
Eyes, like video cameras, read a fragment of the World, where they will be sent;
Articular fluids control, picking up signals from space and directing them into the cerebral cortex, where to go to the legs, what to do with the hands, where to turn the head …
How to achieve the purity of liquids?
Drink pure Water.
To wash the body with clean water.
Eat natural live food.
Physical activity to maintain constant circulation of fluids.
Purification of the extracellular space with the help of massage and natural oils. (See the “Master” section)
Start with Joints (exercise from our School).
I want to know more about it all, about Field Theory and Health.
- Begin by studying the Cell and its life in the Intercellular Space. To do this, register in the Remote School of Self-Sufficiency. And I will be happy to continue to tell you about all these Secrets …

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